An intense and heart-wrenching depiction of a family's disintegration cause by a fathers abuse of his children. A modern-day issue is brought to life through this straight forward LGBTQ drama.

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The following movie promo trailer was created with stock video to convey the concept and also contains audio voice clips from the live Desert Theater League staged reading at the UUCOD in 2010. Winner of the DTL Award for best lead male performance.




  Original Screenplay by Brian Neil Hoff & Halle Eavelyn


In 1978, an All-American family was devastated by a sex abuse scandal. Neal was the perfect father, respected in the community and the pastor of prominent church. Lynn was the model mother. But behind the doors of the quiet suburban neighborhood were the tears of an abused family riddled with secrets. Broken apart the family start a new life in a small farm town as Hunter struggles with his homosexuality. As the years pass, brother and sister, Hunter and Cassie find themselves in an underworld of drugs and prostitution and unable to come to terms with a dark secret from the past they both share. Soon a tragic death in the family and the desperation of Hunter's life leads him to seek revenge with the man responsible for destroying their perfect home.